Production of gates, fences, balconies, staircase, grids, furniture, constructions:
tel/fax. 011/8211-179, 063/277-124, 063/85-15-109, 063/277-701, 063/11-13-969
Sales of finished components and materials:
tel/fax. 011/8211-179, tel/fax. 011/8211-314, 063/11-13-979, 063/11-18-930
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Gates »  
The gates are made of cast iron by the models from our catalog or client sketch (picture). The gates are made to fit the opening (width and height). They may be produced in versions: swing, sliding, console (self-supporting gates). With the development and installation of gates we perform installation of high-quality engines and implementation of the option of remote control (opening and closing).
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Balconies »  
Balconies are produced according to the measures, depending on the mounting method. Balconies can be produced in the harbor, we can work balconies on the parapets and on various kinds of openings. Models from our catalog can be combined in order to meet your existing interior or exterior design.
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Grids »  
Grids can be produced from solid materials or pipes - for windows, doors, open. We have over 280 models of grids - these models and their details may be combined depending on the wishes of the client. They can be mounted on the frame and into the frame, on the moving bars can be mounted various types of security locks.
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Framework »  
Production of various types of construction, production halls, covering hall, under-constructions, construction stairways - which can be realized with metal, wood or marble treads, fire stairs. Construction can be realized by the 3D project or project proposal from customer.
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Fances »  
Fences can be produced depending of pillars distances, we can incorporate them into the space of any shape, we can work them into the harbor or in the arbitary form. Fences are produced usually same as gate model. Production materials can be rods or pipes...
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Staircase »  
Mounting of the stairs can be in two variants: on the treads and on the side of Tread. Handrails on stairs can be mounted from profiled metal 50x10, metal frames or wooden handrail in different variants of profiling.
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Eaves »  
Canopies over the doors, movable canopies, carport, by 3D projects and proposals, all our models with variants Canopies with pamplex glass, reinforced glass, tempered glass, Lexan and other roofing materials. Canopies can be realized with gutters.
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Interior »  
Production of all types of metal furniture: chairs, tables, two-seater sofas, shelves, chandelier, curtain rods, brackets, fireplace kits, decorative doors for the fireplace, umbrella holder, paper holders. Final color can be any color of RAL with the use of a quality paint or coating.
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Hotel "IZVOR"
Oganj - kovano gvozdje - HOTEL IZVOR - Arandjelovac Hotel SOURCE in Arandjelovac, is one of the most luxurious hotels in this part of Europe and he is in category of 5 stars hotels » » »
Oganj - kovano gvozdje - SILVER LAKE Silver Lake Resort is the first tourist resort with a convention, sports, tourist and recreational facilities, and extends to about 320 acres... » » »
Oganj - kovano gvozdje - RUSKI CAR Restaurant RUSSIAN EMPEROR adorns the entrance to Prince Mihajilo street and therefore the center of Belgrade. It is decorated with beautiful stairs railings and fences from the gallery » » »
Mali Pariz
Oganj - kovano gvozdje - MALI PARIZ Little Paris restaurant is located on the corner of Svetozar Markovic and Bircaninova. The interior of the restaurant is decorated in the tradition of the old Parisian cafes. You can enjoy the modern restaurant, which is still kept the spirit of old times. » » »
"GALEB GROUP d.o.o."
Oganj - kovano gvozdje - GALEB GROUP SEAGULL GROUP LTD Sabac, a leader in the field of entrepreneurship in our region. The company was established in 1977. years, first as a craft workshop in the field of electrical engineering and electronics » » »
Oganj - kovano gvozdje - STUPF AG Stumpf AG - Austrian company that has designed and implemented the construction of the tallest office building and shopping center in Vienna, Millenium Tower » » »
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